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custom carved you are my sunshine music box
custom carved cylindrical music box
custom cylindrical harry potter music box
custom cylindrical pokemon music box
jurassic park cylindrical music box
the office cylindrical music box
custom cylindrical totoro music box

Cylindrical Hand Crank Music Box

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Hear our list of timeless tunes above, and choose a tune that replays a special memory. Make it special by customizing your engraving or design.

What it is: 

Customizable cylindrical hand-crank music boxes, handmade with love. Choose from our list of timeless tunes (anime like My Neighbor Totoro, blockbusters like Harry Potter or Jurassic Park, love songs, games and more).

To make your gift even more special, customize your engraving, design or color! Simply give us your instructions, and let us work our magic. 

P.S. If you're happy without customizations, we will engrave the song title or logo by default for you.


  • View customer reviews below to see how the end product will look like. Please note that the top lid of the cylindrical music box does not open. If you need the top lid to open, please choose our treasure chest-shaped music box instead.

  • Choose from the list of available songs.

  • Want to hear the tune first? Check out our tune list here.

  • Fill up your engraving text/instructions. If no engraving text/instructions are submitted, we engrave the song title by default and ship out the product.

  • Make your purchase

  • Simply kick back, relax, and wait for your order.

Why choose The Music Box Store:

  • Gift Box Packaging option available (see below)

  • We are leaders in music box customization and can customize all sides of the box, according to your preference

  • Responsive Customer Service (Email: support@themusicbox.store / Instagram: @themusicboxstore)