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Bespoke Music Box (inclusive of Music Programming Service)

Bespoke Music Box (inclusive of Music Programming Service)

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Gifts They Will Not Forget.

Would you like to have a music box play a special song that you love, but cannot find this music box anywhere? We can make it happen

Please provide (i) the special song that you want to commission; (ii) the message you would like to engrave on the top lid (if any); and (iii) the message/photo you would like to place on the inner lid. It takes about 30-45 days in total to develop a new tune, create the one-of-a-kind music box, and deliver it to your address. 

The main difference between various note options are as follows:

Based on the above, please also give us the specific time-stamped segment of the song you would like us to focus on in the "Any other instructions?" field above. E.g. if you picked a 18-note box, please give us a 15s time-stamped segment or if you picked 30-note, please give us a 30s time-stamped segment. 

Please note that not all songs can be successfully converted into a mechanical music movement (e.g. certain rap/rock songs), due to inherent limitations of the sound produced by a physical music movement. If you would like the music box to sound as close as possible to your chosen tune, the Custom Digital Music Box would be your ideal option. If you have any questions, please contact us at We are happy to help!

Please see the video below for an example of a customer commissioned music box, for the song "Can't Help Falling In Love".

Photo of 30 Note Music Movement
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