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custom tune music box
white custom tune music box
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Custom Tune Music Box

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What it is: A 15-note music box that plays any song that you want it to play. Simply turn the hand crank as the music sheet is fed through the music movement. 10 music strips (3 pre-written & 7 blank) and a hole puncher are provided for you to write your own music in minutes.

If you would like us to program a specific 20/30/60-seconds tune for you (i.e. to send you a pdf that you can print, cut-out, and play via your DIY kit), please select the appropriate option above. After making the purchase, please email us at with the (i) your order number; (ii) Youtube link or mp3 file; and (iii) the 20/30/60-seconds section you would like us to focus on. 

Why it's special: 

  • The perfect way to play any tune of your choice.
  • Our boxes are made from the finest quality Birchwood and Stainless Steel.
  • Guaranteed to make loved ones feel special and loved. 


  • Write your musical notes on the paper strip with a pencil
  • Use the puncher to make the holes on the paper strip.
  • Put the punched paper strip inside the music box.
  • Play it!
  • If you have any queries, please do email us at We are happy to help!