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Custom Tune Music Box

Custom Tune Music Box

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Gifts they will not forget

Looking for a music box that plays that special song for someone special? With this custom DIY kit, you can make a special gift that plays any song you desire.

What it is:

A 15-note music box that plays any song that you want. Please note that 15-notes has a limited range of notes. As such, certain songs (e.g. rap music or songs with overlapping notes) do not efficiently convert into a 15-note music box. If you would like the music box to sound as close as possible to your chosen tune, the Custom Digital Music Box would be your ideal option. 

Comes with: 10 music strips (3 pre-written & 7 blank) and a hole puncher for you to write your own music in minutes.

Once you've completed your DIY kit, simply turn the hand crank and the music sheet will play as its fed through the music box. 

Why it's special: 

  • The perfect way to play any tune of your choice.
  • Our boxes are made from the finest quality Birchwood and Stainless Steel.
  • Guaranteed to make loved ones feel special and loved. 


If you want us to program a specific 20/30/60-seconds song for you, please select the appropriate option at the top of this product page. We will ship you the box as soon as possible and send you the pdf, once it's ready, that you can print, cut-out, and play via your DIY kit. Alternatively, you can select the option for us to ship you the printed strip together with the box as well. 

P.S. Please note that for longer programmed segments, you will need to connect paper strips for them to play continuously.

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