Celebrate mom, with a
custom gift she'll never forget.

Finding the perfect gift for Mom can be tough, but with our custom music boxes, you can give a truly unique and thoughtful gift that comes straight from the heart. Let us help you create a lasting memory that Mom will cherish forever

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Engrave something special.

Add a personal touch by engraving mom's gift with a message or photo.

Choose from 50+ timeless tunes

Starting from $40.99 USD

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Engrave Your Love

Engrave a heartfelt message showing mom how much you love her.

Preserve Precious Memories

Engrave a photo with mom or the family to reminisce special times.

Memories made musical.

Capture mom's most nostalgic song, tune or even voice note into a music box gift that replays those sweet memories.

Choose any song, tune or voice

Starting from $79.99 USD

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Any song, tune or voice

From her favorite oldie to the first time you called her 'mama', we've got you covered.

Engrave your love

Engrave a heartfelt message or photo that will make mom sentimental.

Bespoke brillance.

Create a one-in-a-world gift for mom with our bespoke music box service that turns her favorite song into a music box from scratch.

Choose any song

Starting from $449.99 USD

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Turn her song into a keepsake

Let us know what makes mom sentimental, and we'll build it into a music box mechanism from scratch.

Engrave your love

You know the drill, make it special by engraving a heartfelt message or photo.

Gifts fit for celebs.

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Music boxes make for a one-in-a-world gift. It's no wonder celebrities like Chris Martin use it as gifts for their friends.

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