Custom Music Box Gift Guide

Looking for a custom gift for your loved ones? We've got you. Our custom music box options are handmade with love and are guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces.

13/3/23 | Nate

1. Hand-crank music box

After years of customizing music box gifts, we noticed that some songs get requested over and over again. Hence, we decided to make these song tunes available at all times of the year!

These hand-crank bestsellers come in both treasure-chest and cylindrical shapes, and allow you to engrave a special message or image if you choose.

You can find the list of bestselling tunes below:

2. Digital music box

If you can't find the song you need in the list of bestselling tunes above, you can consider the digital music box.

Our newest music box allows you to upload an mp3 file that's up to 4mb in size. This mp3 file can house ANY audio that's special to you - from music box tunes, to songs (with voices), to a special audio message from a loved one.

Make it complete by also engraving a special message or image. 

3. Bespoke music box 

For something really special (hint: anniversary, wedding or a memento for your kid), you can consider our most premium option - the Bespoke music box.

This music box is designed to be a cherished keepsake, and each and every part of this music box is handmade from scratch - making this a one-in-a-world gift. 

Similar to the other boxes, it also allows you engrave a special message or image. 

Need more options? Check out our full range of custom options below: 

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