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thumb piano kalimba

Kalimba - Thumb Piano - Traditional

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What it is:  Learning to play the kalimba is extremely easy for anyone. Our thumb pianos are designed for both the inexperienced and experienced player. Each 17-key kalimba comes with 1 x Learning Book, 1 x Tuning Hammer, 1 x Cloth Bag, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, and Tuning & Labelling Stickers.

 Why it's special: 

  • Our kalimbas are carefully crafted from the finest quality Mahogany, with our accurately tuned keys delivering clear, crisp sounds.
  • With respect to the history of the kalimba, we hand craft each piece in our unique facility from start to finish.
  • Kalimba is a Bantu word which means “little music”. In addition to being a serious musical instrument, the kalimba is perfect for play and experimentation. Sturdy enough for children, it is a novel addition to the typical range of percussion instruments.