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Bespoke Music Box [30-Note Paper Strip]
Bespoke Music Box [30-Note Paper Strip]

Bespoke Music Box [30-Note Paper Strip]

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Would you like to have a music box play a special song that you love, but cannot find this music box anywhere? We can make it happen

Please provide (i) the special song that you want to commission; (ii) the message you would like to engrave on the top lid (if any); and (iii) the message/photo you would like to place on the inner lid. Please also let us know the 30-second segment you would like us to focus on in the "Any other instructions?" field above. 

What it is: A 30-note music box that plays any song that you want it to play. We will programme 1 paper strip to play a 30-second section of a song of your choice. Simply turn the hand crank as the music sheet is fed through the music movement. We will also provide 10 other music strips (3 pre-written & 7 blank) and a hole puncher for you to write your own music to play via your music box.

Why it's special: 

  • The perfect way to play any tune of your choice.
  • Our boxes are made from the finest quality Birchwood and Stainless Steel.
  • Guaranteed to make loved ones feel special and loved. 

Instructions on writing your own music [for the blank paper strips]: 

  • Write your musical notes on the paper strip with a pencil
  • Use the puncher to make the holes on the paper strip.
  • Put the punched paper strip inside the music box.
  • Play it!
  • If you have any queries, please do email us at We are happy to help!