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30 note music box
custom 30 note music box

Bespoke Music Box [30-Note Paper Strip]

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Gifts They Will Not Forget.

Looking for a music box that plays your special song, but having trouble finding it anywhere? We're here to make it happen.


A 30-note music box that plays any song that you want. Please note that 30-notes has a limited range of notes. As such, certain songs (e.g. rap music or songs with overlapping notes) do not efficiently convert into a 30-note music box. If you would like the music box to sound as close as possible to your chosen tune, the Custom Digital Music Box would be your ideal option. 

Comes with: 10 music strips (3 pre-written strip templates & 7 blank strips) and a hole puncher for you to write your own music in minutes.

Out of the 7 blank strips, we will help you programme 1 paper strip to play a 30-second section of your chosen song.

When your strip is ready, simply turn the hand crank as the music sheet is fed through the music movement.


  • The perfect way to play any tune of your choice.
  • Our boxes are made from the finest quality Birchwood and Stainless Steel.
  • Guaranteed to make loved ones feel special and loved. 


Please upload the following at the top of this product page:

  • Audio file of the special song you would like to commission.
  • Message you would like to engrave on the top lid (if any).
  • Message/photo you would like to engrave on the inner lid.
  • Under "Any other instructions?", let us know the 30-second segment of your song that you want us to customize for.